the color in my life

the color in my life

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear Mr. Slowpoke, patience is a virtue for only so long. Love, Me ;)

We "hung out", only every single day for two months, until we left school. He went home to California. I went to Logan. I thought I was going to lose him. I bawled forever when Crystal and I dropped him off at the airport. .. . You see, Brian doesn’t have the best track record with long distance relationships... or a committed relationship for that matter... so since we only knew each other for such a short time, (and technically to him we weren’t officially dating, just going on dates with just each other and kissing and wouldn’t want it any other way...yet I never understood the logic behind that), I highly doubted it would last. HAHA!! Come to find out later, Brian kind of expected it himself that it would fizzle out, even though he still liked me... but it was fun while it lasted... But DISTANCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER!!!

One day, August 15th, the doorbell rang && I got these beautiful flowers and an even more beautiful note!
...This is because I WANT TO! It is because I want to keep progressing with you. This is me asking you to be in a 100% fully dedicated, absolutely committal relationship! I Loke You ((FYI this is half way between like and love)) ;)

I'm a special moments hoarder so I still have these flowers today!
 Who would of thunk... it took Brian forever to date me... now its taking him forever to not just date me... come on already!!!! :) patience is only a virue for so long baby ;)

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  1. okay so distance really does make the heart grow fonder!! thats how Devin and I really fell in love :) Also, August 15 is a great day! (my anniversary lol)