the color in my life

the color in my life

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blind date!!

I met the love of my life June 4, 2010...
I got set up on a blind date on the fourth && he was sooo smitten with me, we had our 2nd date the very next day, and its been a breathtaking journey ever since!
But I'll let my diary entry tell you our first date experience

June 6th, 2010
Dear Diary,
Last night I went on a second date with Brian Morgan. I met him through my roommates, Katrina, & Robin. Robin told me that our apartment was planning on having a Friday date night and wondered if I wanted to join. I told them ya, but I don’t have a date, and I honestly don’t know any to bring. So they said that they would set me up on a blind date! My first blind date EVER! You always hear about nightmare blind dates, so I just assumed the worst, but yet I wasn't dreading it at all. I mean, doing something with anyone is better than doing nothing all alone. I knew his name was Brian, but that was all. So I'm waiting in the back of the apartment (studying my anatomy, didn’t even get cute, thinking I wouldn’t need to at all), and all the other girls ,who also got set up on blind dates, were up front already meeting their dates. I peek. And well lets just say none of the guys were anything near my type of a guy... so now I'm freaking out, I’m going to actually get a lame first blind date. I was just opened my laptop to facebook stalk how horrible this night was going to be, when I heard "chelsssssieee, Brian’s heeeeere"! Prince Ugly and lame night, here I come........
...WOW!! I was surprised when he showed up. He was tall, tan, and cute!, scratch that Sexy!!...
Then I thought, "Great, he's hot. Which means he knows he's hot, which means he's a D-bag"...
But I got more surprises, than seeing a looker at my door. . .
Our date consisted of dinner, where Katrina and Robin, our chefs, made menus of weird random names, like suds-in-a-bucket, screw driver 200, and so forth. We ended up having a four course menu, having to pick four random names for each category. The chefs had the key to what the weird names actually meant food wise. We picked randomly, hoping for the best, fearing the worst as they laughed devilishly after each pick. Rules were, whatever you ordered, you got. I don’t remember much of what I got, except my 1st course ended up being chicken enchilada, milk, a side of mustard, and a 2/3 measuring cup. I had to eat my chicken enchilada with a measuring cup! Hahaha, it was ridiculous! It was hilarious seeing what everyone ended up with.  I LOVED the awkwardness of it all. For dessert, a new rule was added to the game. Whatever couple could finish a spicy tomato juice shot contest together, would be able to pick their dessert knowing what the code names meant.  Brian and I won hands down!
Afterwards we went out and played games at the park. I felt like a little kid again. Care free && young again, I miss that feeling! At the end of the night, I realized I left my phone on the other end of the park, so I told Brian I forgot it, and he said, "Oh, I'll go with you." Then walking over, he asked, "Do you want me to call your phone"? && I, being totally oblivious, say "Oh no, that’s okay, I know where it is, it’s on that bench right there". Hahaahah, then there was an awkward moment, and then Brian said, "Oh that was my smooth way of trying to get your number". I FELT SOOO DUMB, hahha, good thing it was dark, I was blushing majorly!
Anyways, after the games we walked home and we talked at my front door. He seemed nervous, and we were in that situation, where you are talking small talk, trying to beat around the bush until you work up the nerve to say what you really want to say... so we did this for awhile, until it was getting too chilly... so I went out on the limb and said with a huge sarcastic smile, "OH NO!, I lost my phone again, could you call it for me"? It was hilarious! Once he got my phone number, that awkwardness was over, and Brian asked me on a second date, which was yesterday!!!
So yesterday, me and Brian walked and got snowasis snow cones! YUMMY! I got a caramel turtle cheesecake! mmmmmmhm! Then we started walking toward the Rex Theater, about 2 miles away. While walking down a back alley we heard jazz music, and took a gander and saw a little swing dance class going on. He then swept me off my feet, twirling me to the jazzy beat all the way down the alley. Brian Morgan is cute, a gentleman, and can dance... :D Almost there, we saw an open field with train tracks && there, we saw a big nice long train. We thought it would be an adrenaline rush to sneak on the very top, and run around like the cowboys you use to...
So we went & climbed on the top of it. When we got to the top we saw that on the other side of the train was this beautiful manmade lake & a remarkable sunset. Between the view and the cool air I had Goosebumps! We sat on top and watched the sunset go down and the darkness take over.  We talked allot and opened up to each other, and learned so much about each other and our lives. Brian told me, since this was basically our first date, not be set up, that he usually doesn’t kiss on the first date, but he said that this night and the view was so romantic that he had to take this opportunity while he could. We kissed!!!!!! He's a good kisser,... a really good kisser!! So besides being my first date, Brian also was my first kiss on a train. It was SOO ROMANTICaL!

After the train on the tracks we walked a couple of blocks to the Rex. We had some time to kill before the movie, so we played in the arcade!! We played air hockey &&& I won!! It was Brian’s only second time in life that he can remember, getting beat by a girl. He better get used to it though, I got mad skills!! The second game he beat me by one! Tehe! I love sometimes that I'm not girly and can keep up or beat the boys!! With one of his quarters, Brian bought me a quarter red beaded bracelet with three purple flowers && put it on my wrist! It was cute, he was cute! We watched Prince of Persia! It was good, but it was long && very random. But good. We walked home & kissed some more along the way. Successful Amazing Saturday Night!


  1. Yay!! I'm so excited to get to hear your story! You guys are so cute together :)

  2. Ok im in love with this. Thanks Chels! love you and miss you and so glad to hear youre happy you deserve it!

  3. TOO CUTE!
    (ps this is Amy, not Dillon)