the color in my life

the color in my life

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I should have been a fiancé this weekend and last weekend... stupid ring company!!! Brian special ordered my ring and he got it... opened it up, (planning on coming to propose that (last) weekend).... and it was wrong, the middle stone was canary yellow (which I still think is beautiful).!! so he had to ship it back and have it redone... which can take up to another month!!! Errr!!! I just want to spend the rest of life with him already!! I just want to show everyone what it looks likes, but that would be cheating!!! You have to wait in misery with me BWHAHAha!

Miracles && blessings

On April 21, 2011 my dad woke me up at 5 in the morning, concernced. He was just getting ready to go to work when he noticed blood blisters in his mouth. I told him that his platlets levels must be low, and that he shouldnt play superman and go to the begrudged doctors after work. He gets out of work at 2.
By 2oclock my mom and I met up with him. Now he had blood blister on his lips and a few on his ears and head. Well, thats all we noticed until we got to the doctors, where we found that it spread up and down his arms and legs. He looked like a red headed freckled man, except his freckles were purple blood blisters!! The doctor had never seen it before so he called in the most experienced doctor in, and he never saw anything like it either!!! they looked some information up && told us to rush imedietly to the Emergency Room. We waited an hour before a doctor even saw us... I guess you have to be bleeding out profusely inorder to get emergency service!!! Anyways, we remained calm... that is until we saw the doctor.  They told us they suspected Steven Johnsons Syndrome and that it was life threatening. They told us that with Steven Johnsons syndrome. Normal platlet count for an adult male is 150000 to 450000 platelets per microliter of dad had 3000. Your veins are constantly breaking and tearing in your body, but your platlets help clot your veins. Because my dad didnt have platlets to clot his blood, he was internally bleeding to death and were scared that his brain or heart would bleed out.... and eventually his whole body would shed off its skin and his whole body will be treated as a third degree burn patient. Because the Twin Falls Hospital didnt have all of the right technology for such a severe case, they would have to LIFE FLIGHT him immediatly to Salt Lake. But then the wind decided to pick up and it was too windy to life flight him, so they had to rush him by ambulance all the way to SLC.  Me and auds said our goodbyes to my dad just in case (telling him that I loved him and not to leave me) rushed home, grabs clothes and blankets, all tings to keep us all comfortable in the hospital and got Maddie a babysitter, and most importantly Tuffy ( the beaniebabie dog my dad bought me in third grade, the day before I broke my arm, that we went home to get before going to the ER). I followed right behind the ambulance the whole way there, afraid if we lost the ambulance, we would loose my daddie as well!!
When we got to the hospital my grandma and grandpa were there along with all my other relatives and family. The hardest was seeing my cousin Kimmy. She just lost her dad to lugarics disease, right after her wedding... I couldnt look at her. I was too scared to be in her shoes, except not having my dad at my wedding...
Brian was there at the hospital as well when we showed up. I was trying to be so strong for my mom and sister, trying not to cry while driving, but when I saw him, it all came out!! I bawled and snotted all over him!
That night after all the relatives went through to see my dad, because only "two" were allowed in the room at a time, Brian stayed behind to talk to my dad. . .
I still dont know what was all said, but Brian asked my dad for his blessing on marrying me.  He said he was planning on coming to twin falls that weekend anyways in asking, but due to specials circumstances, had to make sure (just in case) for his blessing. My dad said he would be honored to have him apart of our family, and that he knew way back when I first mentioned Brian that he was my one.

Im so glad he asked, i would have been devastated if my dad passed without giving brian his blessing!! One of the reason I love Brian SOOO much is because he reminds me so much of my dad. Tender hearted, easy going, caring, and you can feel the love that he has for you with every hug and embrace. I love Brian, because I love my dad.
Anyways, on April 25th, my birthday, I got the best birthday present ever. I got to keep my dad, and bring him back home to Twin, being able to hear him sing Happy Birthday to me!!!! They redignosed him earlier with ITP (acute... we think).  So I enjoyed having my dad alive and semi-well for my birthday, with a given blessing to the man of my dreams!!


During one of our long distance shpeils, Brian made me this video. I watched it a bajillion times and had the biggest smile on my face! He is the biggest sweetheart of all times!! My favorite part is at the end, when Brian voice comes and says he loves me and gives me a big ole smooch-a-roo!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

l o n g distance

Brian && I had a half&half relationship ...
1/2 of it being long distance &&& 1/2 practically inseperable!

It seemed like majority of our dating existance was long distance because those time frames
dragged o o o o o o o n   the    l o n g e s t!! 

But between:
 hour phone conversations, expensive phone bills, lovey-dovey texts, and goofy faced snap shots,
we persevered through until we could be in each other’s arms again!!

<3 <3 <3

Dear Mr. Slowpoke, patience is a virtue for only so long. Love, Me ;)

We "hung out", only every single day for two months, until we left school. He went home to California. I went to Logan. I thought I was going to lose him. I bawled forever when Crystal and I dropped him off at the airport. .. . You see, Brian doesn’t have the best track record with long distance relationships... or a committed relationship for that matter... so since we only knew each other for such a short time, (and technically to him we weren’t officially dating, just going on dates with just each other and kissing and wouldn’t want it any other way...yet I never understood the logic behind that), I highly doubted it would last. HAHA!! Come to find out later, Brian kind of expected it himself that it would fizzle out, even though he still liked me... but it was fun while it lasted... But DISTANCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER!!!

One day, August 15th, the doorbell rang && I got these beautiful flowers and an even more beautiful note!
...This is because I WANT TO! It is because I want to keep progressing with you. This is me asking you to be in a 100% fully dedicated, absolutely committal relationship! I Loke You ((FYI this is half way between like and love)) ;)

I'm a special moments hoarder so I still have these flowers today!
 Who would of thunk... it took Brian forever to date me... now its taking him forever to not just date me... come on already!!!! :) patience is only a virue for so long baby ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our first week

We were inseparable after our two first dates. Not only was Brian tall, tan, and cute, but he was the sweetest man I ever met. 
Within that first week I remember calling my dad on my 25 minute drive to work and telling him who Brian Morgan was.
I was so excited. I told my dad that I met someone, someone different. I told him that I have never had these strong of feeling for someone for years. Usually though while dating, I have always said, Oh I like this...this...and this BUT i can’t stand that.that.that.that.that.that.that (all being big and inportants "thats”) about him. I couldn’t tell my dad one "that" about him. Brian Morgan is a sweetheart, gentle and tender hearted, is firm in the gospel, respectful to me, is adventurous; athletic...He is just like my dad. A great man.
My dad said he could hear it in my voice as I went on about Brian Lorenzo Morgan. He told me, Chelsie I have NEVER heard you this happy. I think he is your one. && I knew it, and agreed entirely.

from the very beginning my heart sings this for Brian.

I've known it from the moment that we met..No doubt in my mind where you belong.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blind date!!

I met the love of my life June 4, 2010...
I got set up on a blind date on the fourth && he was sooo smitten with me, we had our 2nd date the very next day, and its been a breathtaking journey ever since!
But I'll let my diary entry tell you our first date experience

June 6th, 2010
Dear Diary,
Last night I went on a second date with Brian Morgan. I met him through my roommates, Katrina, & Robin. Robin told me that our apartment was planning on having a Friday date night and wondered if I wanted to join. I told them ya, but I don’t have a date, and I honestly don’t know any to bring. So they said that they would set me up on a blind date! My first blind date EVER! You always hear about nightmare blind dates, so I just assumed the worst, but yet I wasn't dreading it at all. I mean, doing something with anyone is better than doing nothing all alone. I knew his name was Brian, but that was all. So I'm waiting in the back of the apartment (studying my anatomy, didn’t even get cute, thinking I wouldn’t need to at all), and all the other girls ,who also got set up on blind dates, were up front already meeting their dates. I peek. And well lets just say none of the guys were anything near my type of a guy... so now I'm freaking out, I’m going to actually get a lame first blind date. I was just opened my laptop to facebook stalk how horrible this night was going to be, when I heard "chelsssssieee, Brian’s heeeeere"! Prince Ugly and lame night, here I come........
...WOW!! I was surprised when he showed up. He was tall, tan, and cute!, scratch that Sexy!!...
Then I thought, "Great, he's hot. Which means he knows he's hot, which means he's a D-bag"...
But I got more surprises, than seeing a looker at my door. . .
Our date consisted of dinner, where Katrina and Robin, our chefs, made menus of weird random names, like suds-in-a-bucket, screw driver 200, and so forth. We ended up having a four course menu, having to pick four random names for each category. The chefs had the key to what the weird names actually meant food wise. We picked randomly, hoping for the best, fearing the worst as they laughed devilishly after each pick. Rules were, whatever you ordered, you got. I don’t remember much of what I got, except my 1st course ended up being chicken enchilada, milk, a side of mustard, and a 2/3 measuring cup. I had to eat my chicken enchilada with a measuring cup! Hahaha, it was ridiculous! It was hilarious seeing what everyone ended up with.  I LOVED the awkwardness of it all. For dessert, a new rule was added to the game. Whatever couple could finish a spicy tomato juice shot contest together, would be able to pick their dessert knowing what the code names meant.  Brian and I won hands down!
Afterwards we went out and played games at the park. I felt like a little kid again. Care free && young again, I miss that feeling! At the end of the night, I realized I left my phone on the other end of the park, so I told Brian I forgot it, and he said, "Oh, I'll go with you." Then walking over, he asked, "Do you want me to call your phone"? && I, being totally oblivious, say "Oh no, that’s okay, I know where it is, it’s on that bench right there". Hahaahah, then there was an awkward moment, and then Brian said, "Oh that was my smooth way of trying to get your number". I FELT SOOO DUMB, hahha, good thing it was dark, I was blushing majorly!
Anyways, after the games we walked home and we talked at my front door. He seemed nervous, and we were in that situation, where you are talking small talk, trying to beat around the bush until you work up the nerve to say what you really want to say... so we did this for awhile, until it was getting too chilly... so I went out on the limb and said with a huge sarcastic smile, "OH NO!, I lost my phone again, could you call it for me"? It was hilarious! Once he got my phone number, that awkwardness was over, and Brian asked me on a second date, which was yesterday!!!
So yesterday, me and Brian walked and got snowasis snow cones! YUMMY! I got a caramel turtle cheesecake! mmmmmmhm! Then we started walking toward the Rex Theater, about 2 miles away. While walking down a back alley we heard jazz music, and took a gander and saw a little swing dance class going on. He then swept me off my feet, twirling me to the jazzy beat all the way down the alley. Brian Morgan is cute, a gentleman, and can dance... :D Almost there, we saw an open field with train tracks && there, we saw a big nice long train. We thought it would be an adrenaline rush to sneak on the very top, and run around like the cowboys you use to...
So we went & climbed on the top of it. When we got to the top we saw that on the other side of the train was this beautiful manmade lake & a remarkable sunset. Between the view and the cool air I had Goosebumps! We sat on top and watched the sunset go down and the darkness take over.  We talked allot and opened up to each other, and learned so much about each other and our lives. Brian told me, since this was basically our first date, not be set up, that he usually doesn’t kiss on the first date, but he said that this night and the view was so romantic that he had to take this opportunity while he could. We kissed!!!!!! He's a good kisser,... a really good kisser!! So besides being my first date, Brian also was my first kiss on a train. It was SOO ROMANTICaL!

After the train on the tracks we walked a couple of blocks to the Rex. We had some time to kill before the movie, so we played in the arcade!! We played air hockey &&& I won!! It was Brian’s only second time in life that he can remember, getting beat by a girl. He better get used to it though, I got mad skills!! The second game he beat me by one! Tehe! I love sometimes that I'm not girly and can keep up or beat the boys!! With one of his quarters, Brian bought me a quarter red beaded bracelet with three purple flowers && put it on my wrist! It was cute, he was cute! We watched Prince of Persia! It was good, but it was long && very random. But good. We walked home & kissed some more along the way. Successful Amazing Saturday Night!